Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I wish I had a cat so I could name it John Grisham

Time for another down-low on the what's up. That's a bit of a redundancy isn't it? Maybe it isn't. At any rate, now with school going again, my brain has officially left the building so my posts might come more frequently, but less intellig(ent)ibly. Wait, who am I kidding. Nothing much is going to change around here.

I have been have quite the time lately. What with creationist madness (my own breed, not the kind that gets people riled up). Throwing people in holes, dressing men up in snorkel gear, learning how to use a Super 8, and other general mayhem has been the flavour of the month. More on that later. Between starting a new school year, sewing a jacket, knitting like a banshee, and learning to quilt, I've decided that cloning is the solution to all my problems. Or at least the problem at the moment, which is that I'm simply one person, and one way or another, I have to conform to a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week schedule. Plus I would get to be the boss. Until they figured out they were all me, and then it would be anarchy.


ladybug sunset

And nevermind the title silliness sweet studious savourinos -- I don't even like John Grisham (particularly)
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Blogger Tudor said...

oh, creationism fun! tell us more!

If school translates into more blog posts, then I'm certainly digging it!

10:26 AM  

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