Saturday, July 16, 2005


The temperature drops ten degrees at night and I feel like a normal person again. For now, it's not such a bit deal that all of the stores in Toronto seem to be sold out of air conditioners. I also came across someone else's rantings that are much more humorous (and less crazy) than mine. It's all helping to ease away the heat-induced mania of daytime.

I've also started the long (strangely satisfying) process of uploading oodles of (mostly bad -- some worthy of pride) vacation pictures.

Here's a taste of a place they call BC.
There's also a few travelling shots (I'm terrified of flying, but much to my delight, I discovered a wonderful distraction; no, not the highly publicized personal satellite television, leather seats, and friendly service a-la westjet. A hint: by the time we landed in Kelowna, I had over 100 pictures of barely visible landscapes and cloudscenes out of a plane window). Enjoy.

Alas; leaving dirty (dirty) Toronto behind...
DSC02826 DSC02834
...for a land of blue skies, mountains, and wine...
DSC02921 DSC02895
DSC02924 DSC02935

There's something about the Okanagan
DSC02987 DSC03004
DSC03006 DSC03020

Now I'm off to a land of witches and wizards.
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