Monday, July 25, 2005

a sort of fear


I never thought I'd get so tangled up in temptation like this. Things look different.
We do change don't we.


letters to the moon

he flashed that dark and sort of smile
with no apologetic circumstance
I told him ownership is a concept
and rationality was never a close friend
never more than a shroud
above my orange breasts

molecular uncertainty tipping the balance
in my eyes, t'il my hands no longer paid heed

(and I lied)

these silly games
of pleading mine
left me,
where dreams forgot
that sustenance is in memory's rapture
where windows could not penetrate
the colour of sheets
and what you meant to me

I wrote you his eyes, so you could see
how I fell to longing; that one dip in the river
was never enough
inspire me

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