Tuesday, October 04, 2005

little cultural imperialist

Images are wonderful: tools of communication and expression. They're also dangerous, horrible, and sometimes (many times) degrading. One moment taken out of time-space context becomes a symbol, a timeless representation of a person, place, culture, etc. So how does the photographer capture subtext? Can it be done? Or are we doomed to be forever rapists, and pillagers of spirits?!!

Anyhoo...here's my sinful practice in stereotyping (doesn't the new phallictoy take bee-autiful pictures?):

the man with the lotus root
(Man with lotus root, Toronto: October 1st, 2005)
inspire me

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Blogger kim said...

I always feel like photographs invade my current experience. As if the present is a playful, living, butterfly and someone flashes a dead one in front of my face with brighter colours. When I see great photographs, I Do appreciate the beauty I see before me, but I develop an incredible urge to go out and Capture things or adjust my current situation.

1:15 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

I feel that exactly - especially with the practice of 'blogging' and 'posting' or pictures - it encroaches on the experience, the image of the experience

it's so meta

3:45 AM  

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