Tuesday, January 09, 2007

resolution schmesolution

A Dance

I rang in the new year in an unremarkable way...good times, boggle, wine, and friends. A normal social evening. No hoopla, no resolutions. Things were so hazy this holiday with lots of work and family illnesses that I just felt like slipping out of 2006 without a fuss.

And I've been feeling resentment towards this whole idea of having to commit to some (likely) superficial change when I've been trying to commit to such changes for the last six to eight months. So what's different if the calendar rolls over? Nothing as far as I'm concerned.

But lately the buzz and sense of newness has caught on...I can't deny that change is in the air and it's infectious. It also helps that I've had a couple of opportunities pop up and made some further improvements to my former crack-den (now 'almost' adult apartment).

So, a week or so late, happy new year, cheers to 2007, onward and upward and all that hoopla! I'm into it now.