Wednesday, December 06, 2006

the myth of sisyphus

autumn floral

Upon considering, it occurred to me that a useful tool for pursuing my recent train of thought on nothingness could be something someone once articulated much more clearly than my (relatively - hopefully?) feebleminded-self. Oh those big brain-ed french...

Things that I am doing for myself however include starting an online shop here and developing an un-healthy obsession with this gem. I was excited to see a blogger of whom I'm a fan was reading this wonderful publication as well. Dwell is incredibly inspiring in a shi-shi bourgeois artsy sense. J'aime beaucoup. They're even talking about doing a section dedicated to apartment dwellers specifically (right now it's very home focused - modern living, green design, sustainable architecture,etc). Maybe they will offer suggestions on how to fix my crack-den

And yes, nothingness is very invigorating, but it's also terrifying because it's a constant reminder of how much work I have to do.

I was going for the rhizome effect so this post is very link-y. Huzzah!