Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I wish I was the moon tonight

framed (pt. 3)

My life in fragments.

Virilio makes my brain cry (in a good way).
I have no attention span.
It's much more difficult than I anticipated to purchase a human skull.
There are 47 days t'il christmas and I have 16 people on my list, so that means that I have 3 days per person if I'm gonna get all that knitting done (it's not going to happen; see point two).
Bureaucracies are ridiculous; particularly when associated with student administration. It took us four days to book a room for an environmental working group meeting. We want to get green bin collection on campus (but if it takes us four days just to book a room, I don't think we have much hope).
Neko Case is one of those artists that upon discovering them, I always wonder why I hadn't discovered them earlier.
I am allergic to milk, and despite the fact that it leaves me with breathing problems, just shy of anaphylactic shock, I continue to consume it in its chocolatey incarnation.
I have an unhealthy obsession with photographic instruments. (My latest object of covetous desire is a medium format hasselblad -- what the hell is wrong with me?)

Speed is Time saved in the most absolute sense of the word, since it becomes human Time directly torn from Death