Wednesday, October 26, 2005

mixed reviews

Putting off essays now am I (take that Yoda!) A laundry list of mundane happenings in this recent life:

I received an exciting package filled with glorious wools in a multitude of yummy colours (and softness)

I sacrificed a couple of hours to the procrastination gods to cast on the baby blanket I'm christmas-knitting for my l'il cousin

I ate the best apple of my life - Honeycrisp (somekind of freakish love-child of a delicious and a mac)

I realized that there are an inordinate amount of spiders in my apartment

My best friend dumped me (though I'm not bitter, I swear - and this is supposed to be a fun list - goshdiddlyarnet!

I learned that smart people aren't scary in real life

I am convinced that arrested development is the funniest tv show ever made (even topping the long-time champion, the Simpsons)

Over and out
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Blogger kim said...

You say "smart people" as if you aren't one of them-
over-developed brains often equal narrow minds.
(If you trace me over to my blog,it is absolutely no reflection of me as a whole)

You'd be neat to meet in a completely innocent way.

12:15 PM  

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