Tuesday, June 21, 2005

What's with all the philosophizing?

Batman Begins(seen on a whim) is bloody brilliant (for a comic-hero movie). It far exceeded my expectations with plenty of philosophical, and psychological explorations (for a comic-hero movie). Dazzlingly beautiful as well (for a comic-hero movie). I also appreciated the way they brought the Batman into the realm of reality with a more complex, thoughtful character, while still maintaining the right level of cheese for it to be an action-packed, comic-hero movie.


Fabulous. Between movies and TV shows, I have enough semi-thought provoking entertainment to keep me pondering the great questions of life and death, good and evil. Or perhaps I've just found a means of excusing my addiction to mind melting, spoon-fed fun.

NB: I have decided that during the summer, my brain is on vacation so I will attempt to refrain from too much pontificating...