Thursday, May 26, 2005


I'm awakened at 7am this morning to a vicious pounding. My rational mind is clearly not functioning so I imagine that our house is falling down, or someone is trying to break down the front door. I jump out of bed and start running around, eventually throwing open the front door only to find a man with a pick axe and another in a backhoe mercilessly pounding on the road, about four feet from my house (true, I do live four feet from the road; but it's disconcerting none-the-less). So now I'm awake, there is constant yet erratic house-shaking pounding happening outside my door, and I've been asleep no more than 3.5 hours. A bystanding city worker cheerfully apologizes and informs me that indeed the city contracted them to start early, but they don't start until 9am on weekends. Great. Too bad it isn't a Saturday. The irony: city-hall isn't open for me to file a complaint.

And why would I want to complain? Because I'm a spasm perhaps? Or maybe it's because there's a backhoe pounding the road four feet from my door? (Did I mention that it's 7am?) That could be it...
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