Monday, January 02, 2006

eat, drink, and be merry

This new year's eve was surprisingly nice -- in fact, it was so enjoyable that we missed the big moment -- we were busy spilling beer and laughing about pancake nipples. Good times, noodle salad (I'm just one big fat 'popculturequote' tonight).

2006, day one -- I slept t'il 4pm (haven't done that for almost ten years), then read, knitted, watched the simpsons, and roamed the dark, wet streets of Toronto. Yummy.

2006 day one

Since I think new year's resolutions are stupid, I made mine two months ago. This left more time for indulging picture taking. I took lots of pictures. Pictures of things only I liked. Then i posted them, 'cause it pleases me to do so, for reasons I won't examine; because it pleases me not to.

I think I might turn this into a photoblog. It's more fun for me. Probably you too.
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Anonymous anycollegestudent said...

gorgeous pictures

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