Saturday, November 25, 2006

on eloquence

construct this

I had some long rambly post about self-realization and other woozle-wuzzle waiting for the 'publish' button, but I thought better of that. Lately I've been feeling a bit like I've lost my 'idealism' part at least. Cynicism is still only about three and a quarter inches hard.

The gist of it was reflecting on the fact that I haven't been writing here in a while because I've been dealing with life...and that's a good thing by and large. I've also (possibly) decided on a 'next step'. I use these ( ) and ' ' to indicate my ongoing uncertainty around everything. Even if I decide to go in a certain creative direction (purely 'hypothetical example': architecture...we're speaking hyptothetical here people) doesn't mean it's going to work out...and this thought makes me nervous. Wait. Didn't someone say once there's no such thing as try?

In other news, I bought a couch. And then realized that this is a huge mistake as it makes the rest of my furniture look like it belongs in a crack den. Dammit.

I've also become obssessed with silk screening lately. I finally have a finished product (this is quite an accomplishment for me) that I'll share soon. And I'm in love with botanical illustration. I purchased this lovely piece at -- hooray for el cheapo used books online so lazy asses like me can still get a deal without having to haunt every hole-in-the-wal-used-bookstore in the city (although I do so enjoy doing so anyway).

tree art

Hey, we got long and rambly anyway!