Saturday, February 26, 2005

exit music

you can laugh a spineless laugh
we hope your rules and wisdom choke you

now we are one


Saturday, February 12, 2005

ground control to major tom

picture-words seeming to work better for me these days. all the better to eat you with my pretty.



bopictureswords3 copy

delucious demonic dementia, RSVP to this little masochist

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

happy people

Greetings my silently seductive subterranean bedfellows,

I have been reading a lot about the evils of blogs -- I find it interesting, that we give things such power and significance. Not that blogging hasn't given individuals more power in spreading 'the word' (whatever word that may be), and business a more insidious means of capturing more potential consumpti-mor(e)s, but to confuse our sense of technological liberation, with our moralities (or mortalities perhaps) is to lead ourselves into sticky situations (excl. the potential giz-[vernacular]factor). Why are we so susceptible?

I have to admit: its slightly addictive -- a challenge even, to come into this space and create a life narrative that actually gives significance to seemingly insignificant daily happenings. The title of this blog for example, addresses my need to validate myself through practices of 'creation', at the same time, releasing myself (or trying to release myself) by acknowledging that this is not who I am or what I do, its simply a form of pleasant escapism, albeit a very distracting one at times, but by no means a new way of life.

Understanding that bringing political issues into blogs, and not acknowledging certain biases can be dangerous, I can sympathize with those who are calling for a new 'blogger ethic'. Alas I am not a media studies major (nor minor, or even dabbler) so I can't talk intelligently about why people tend towards believing everything they read without questioning bias or motives (prior to de-lineation, hell I did it myself). Alas, our only defense is to unpack, unpack, unpack those assumptions!

Today, I fell in love with my fellow students. Today was a day of challenges and eloquence. We were talking environmental ethics in class; obligations to future generations, yes or no? A young man spoke about our assumptions about time as a linear occurrence, on which we base so much of our economic (and closely related ethical) lives. He raised the idea of different ways we see many times happening simultaneously: "We honour those who have been in the past, those who are dead; should we not also honour those who are yet to be?" (approximate quote -- some guy in my environmental studies class). It was lovely.
And then some other lovely person challenged the teacher on her talk of "average happiness" and this notion of maximizing "happiness" in the world. He mentioned something about conceptions of happiness being based on this western ideal of a comfortable, consumer lifestyle; full of falacies and hidden unhappiness -- and that he had seen more dignity, pride and true happiness in his home country of Guatemala (despite their own problems).

It made me feel warm and satisfied and happy with love for people. It made me want to give hugs and shake hands and give thanks to people for being. Instead, I smiled and left a little bit better and cheered for the rest of the day.