Wednesday, January 25, 2006

hold out your hand and smile

The vote. I was so sure I was going to vote Green. When I stepped behind the cardboard however, I looked at the ballot and saw not the expected four candidates, but rather six. One was the Communist Party, the other was yet another communist-esque party: the Marxist-Leninists. Two communist parties?!! Fancy that! Needless to say, I was thrown for a moment. I hesitated, then decided to strike a balance. NDP.

adams rip off pt. 1

As for the outcome, I'm disappointed that Stephen Harper got in, but I'm holding onto hope that he won't get much done. As far as his social conservativism goes, the timing couldn't be worse: it's just not in fashion right now. It's the subtleties that worry me. It's that fine line where the differences between Liberals and Conservatives blur. I'd just hate to see Canada get all cheap. It's a waiting game now: we'll see who's who.

But aside from my disagreements with his politics, on a personal level; I really can't stand that fake smile. Ok Steve, we know you aren't friendly. You haven't been shy about it before -- just stop trying now. You won (sortof). Spare us the added pain of watching you pull a muscle.

adams rip off pt. 1
And Steve, one more thing: you gotta lock that 'heil Hitler' shit just looks bad

I think my favourite part of this ordeal was when Rick Mercer suggested that the balance of power might end up in the hands of a little socialist with a gay mustache. Go Jack Layton: show them that famous mustache power.
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Blogger Laura said...


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Anonymous Borrelli said...

Karen, regarding your comment about sacks of boring on my blog; the worst part about the whole story is I found out who that dude was: He's a 24 year old sack of boring 'friend' from Oakville. 24, working for an investment company after quitting his first investment job after 1 year, and miserable. All at 24. There's a lesson here somewhere...

7:49 AM  
Blogger spindriftdancer said...

Jack Layton has a lot of charisma for someone with a 'gay little moustache'(: I think he'll surprise quite a few of his detractors over the next little while...

12:10 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

spindriftdancer: don't get me wrong, I love Jack Layton, and his gay mustache -- I think Rick Mercer does too -- and I have a feeling he'll do some good things (if nothing else than to try and put a stop to some of the conservatives crazy ideas about what's good for Canada

borrelli: that's really sad...I can't imagine my life being over at that age...maybe the tax breaks will cheer him...

laura: glad you found my little rant amusing :) also, nice picture...and nice blog

2:04 PM  

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