Friday, February 03, 2006

what to do when you're sick

sinister duck

You have a gazillion school-type things you should be doing, but you just can't bring yourself to tackle any of it due to a wicked chest cold.

So instead you:

  • go to your favourite french cafe with the basque flag in the window and eat buttery, heaven-sent croissants and lattés
  • snuggle under your fleecy blanket with gobs of tea and a good book (Try not to be depressed at how many books you've read from Oprah's Book Club list -- you picked them before they were trendy! 100 Years of Solitude -- case in point!)
  • take dozens of useless pictures of your rubber ducky in the bathtub
  • join your rubber ducky in the bathtub along with some steaming water and magnesium sulfate
  • read about old, obscure techniques
  • drink carrot-ginger-garlic juice (while making a face because you put in too much garlic)
  • fantasize about exciting adventures in distant lands
  • plan your future
  • listen to Deep Purple and David Bowie
  • play the piano for hours in your robe and slippys
  • do as much as possible that has no relation whatsoever to the zillions of school things you should be doing

dead duck (lomo fake)
dead lemon (plucked)