Friday, March 17, 2006


healthy start

mmmm strawberry banana goodness....great way to start the morning of st. patty's day...already hungover from a hard night of indesign-ing (learning an entirely new program in one night when you have to finish a project with it is not recommended, no matter how familiar you may be with adobe's design program interface). the upside is that indesign is a kick-ass program and i can now make all the things i've dream of for so long (in print) and i don't have to learn quark! woo-hoo!

nd (nob disclaimer): this was a completely inane post about what a dork i am -- i apologize for taking 30 seconds of your life you can never get back.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quark's so easy to use, though! You'd like it, it's a really straightforward program :)

- Andy

11:55 PM  

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