Friday, January 28, 2005

i'd rather be

I feel like all my real friends have slipped away from me and all the people in my life are too busy to form real friendships -- they all have 'old friends' who are their 'real friends', to whom they go when they fuck up; and I don't even have that. I feel like my definition of what 'real friends' are has shifted and I didn't even really notice until now. Now it doesn't mean what it used to...

And I just gave in to a moment of 15 year-old angsty self-pity...forgiveness please dear (non) readers

I'd rather be
alone at sea
- K
inspire me

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Blogger Tudor said...

It's always like that -- you turn a year older to discover that you're empty, friendless, and lonely. And on top of that, some asshole stole your bicycle. I know it feels shitty. But it can also feel liberating in a fucked-up sort of way.

A while back I realized that there's nothing I can hang on to, and at that point I stoped living by other people's rules and started making my own. I said "fuck everything," and did my own thing. Loneliness can be inspiring.

But it can also be draining. If you need a hug let me know. Stay well, and do something with your loneliness ...

11:17 PM  

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